Pina Columbia Coffee is produced using electric energy in an ultra efficient roasting environment created by a closed loop of clean hot-air. The raw coffee is first brought up to temperature where it transforms through expansion. Moisture then begins to release and the sugar starts to heat. As the temperatures persist, caramelization occurs and with this change the complex sweetness of origin reveals. The pressure of clean hot-air suspends coffees in a constant application of perfect heat, the alchemy of a beautiful coffee nurtured to perfect expression. A coffee roaster knows the nuance of bringing a bean to it's full capability & our roasting method is just one feature that contributes to our secret sauce. 

Being able to connect directly with a local roaster brings in-depth connections for
exploring the breadth of Coffee.  

In our Quarterly Zine we'll be introducing roasting topics for discussions. Look forward to discovering more about:
-Roasting methods & comparisons of drum, cast & air
-The impact of Oceans on Coffee Beans and Flavour Profiles
-The importance of Consistency for quality and taste

Your roaster, like your barista,  understands how origins perform. We're honoured to produce for you a beautiful portfolio of coffees to taste. We look forward to connecting you with the conversations of our global & local industry in a meaningful way. As an At-Home Coffee Brewer, committing to a subscription is an excellent opportunity to explore this global ingredient and all that it's capable of bringing to our tables! We're looking forward to serving this coffee with you. 

From the beautiful blue and green city of Surrey, BC.

Pina Columbia

Pina Columbia produces a fine cup of coffee. We are sustainably roasting on Canadian Technology with positive air-quality impact directly in mind. Not only does our roasting method emit 80% less Toxins into the open air environment (in comparison to standard traditional roasting methods) our way of roasting also produces a cleaner tasting cup than the standard cup too.

While the method of our Roasting  is not the most widely recognized practice...that's simply because this is sustainable Canadian Innovation in early motion, Buy in!  By committing yourself annually to  our Coffee you're not just purchasing quality beans for delicious consumption but paying into a system that supports your values and lifestyle. Conscious Consumption for the win!
Subscription customers are committed for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries. With big convenience, customers will now have direct access to their local coffee roaster in an approachable, local relationship.

There are mulitple ways to Connect! Visit us at the Centric Culinary Inc. Homebase to chat coffee, roasting, at home brewing or, you can look forward to the tidbits of roasting & coffee information included with each months featured coffee too. Our Roasting Services are provided on a schedule to ensure absolute freshness as well as consistency in flavour and arrival. 
Visit our leading lady in action at Centric in Surrey, home of the Pina Columbia Coffee Brand

18394 Fraser Hwy